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  • Ryan Collingham

    Ryan Collingham

    Backend engineer at token.com https://y.at/🎉🍺🍔☀️

  • Sergei Loginov

    Sergei Loginov

    Software engineer

  • gmiejski


    Programming, learning. I love thinking about organisation’s culture and where it comes from. How our minds tricks us is my third interest.

  • Syed Jafar Naqvi

    Syed Jafar Naqvi


  • Mayra Jimenez

    Mayra Jimenez

    Social entrepreneur. Strong believer that we are all destined for greatness. My goal is to help you get there!

  • Aniruddha


    Currently, eng @mixpanel. Previously @twitter, @google

  • Melanie Rockett

    Melanie Rockett

    Over 40 years Freelance Writing — pretty well everything! | Writing | Book Promotions | Marketing | melanierockett.com

  • MR. Molly Maguire

    MR. Molly Maguire

    Investor. Trader. Writer.

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